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Forbidden Fruits…. the winning combination
fruit machine Being independent forbidden fruits can select the right fruit machine for the right venue, from any manufacturer.

From a traditional fruit machine to the very latest machine, more in keeping with minimalist and styled bars - such as the horizon cabinet from Barcrest.

Depending on the location will dictate what type of fruit machine may be permitted, from standard fruit machines for pubs and bars to club machines for members bars and social clubs.

We can supply both club and standard gambling machines and offer clear advise on the necessary licenses required for your premises.
We continually monitor the performance your our fruit machines to ensure that takings are maximised. When takings either decline or level off we will change machines. We make machine changes on a regular basis based on takings and the needs of your venue.

fruit machine Due to restrictions by the Gaming Act, fruit machines are only available on rental. We have rentals available to suit all budgets and potential machine takings.

We can advise on the right machine at the right price to suit your venues takings potential as well as you and your customer’s requirements.

You should always choose a machine based on the maximum potential earnings as opposed to the rental cost. It is unwise to pay too much on machine rental, but it is often worse to pay too little. Lower rental cost machines are usually older and more likely to have been played by your customers previously and as a consequence take substantially less money.
If the unfortunate should happen…
One call and we will be with you at your convenience.

Example equipment
Rock Around The Clock Yabba Dabba Darts Prize Fighter Space Raiders Top Gear Who Dares Spins
Shark Raving Mad Barmy Army Supernova Full of Beans Horn of Plenty Your Lucky Knight
Bully for You BeanStreak Cash Bang Wallop All Fired Up Firecracker
Top Dog Twister Vamp It Up Bling King Crazy Gimme Gimme Gimme